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Learn Quran for kids to keep them near to Islam.

Until the age of 7, the children’s mind is completely empty and is going to retain things. During this phase of life, kids learn different things and ideas. But they are unable to understand logical reasoning and conceptual ideas. It means that the mind of kid until the age of 7 and 8 is not much stronger to learn the knowledge of the book. They should, in this manner, learn the basics of the Quran rather than learning tafsir or other Quran courses.

After 8 years and up to 14-15, a kid is able to understand logical reasoning and conceptual theories. A kid at this age, is more interested in learning knowledge. His mind is cooler and can find out to an ever increasing extent.The kid of this age feels curious to learn unknown things.

His mind becomes strong and is going to enter youth and can comprehend his duties. Thus, he can learn advanced courses like Tafseer or Memorization of the Quran. He can also understand the rules and the orders of Allah.

According to the spirit level of the children, Parents and teachers should teach them. The training of kids is the obligation of each parent. The training must be in the correct way and must consist of educating and directing.

It isn’t sufficient for parents to give them all the facilities of life but they must also make them alive to their religion and know them so that they can adopt good attributes and become practicing Muslims. Becoming a righteous person requires a lot of work.

Children Guidance

Guidance is vital for the kid’s progress. All parents should consider it. Learning the Qur’an is significant for every single Muslim youngster. Kids may not like this type of learning, but parents have an obligation to develop love in their children’s hearts. The teachings of the Holy Quran are very important for kids to help them know how to live this worldly life.

Elders need to guide their youngest to what is correct. Guiding is conceivable through teaching. Parents should arrange proper educational facilities for their kids. They must organize a proper teacher to teach the Quran and Islamic beliefs, as well as moral and social values ​​to kids. It is important for kids to learn all these things at a young age. So they become good Muslims when they grow up.

Different educational facilities are available that helps to learn quran for kids.Parents can accept this service by sending their children to Madrasah or Islamic Centers. Involvement in the religious community also helps kids to become aware of the Quran and Islam. There are various courses of Islamic studies and the Quran. Parents and teachers must consider the age and abilities of their youngsters to teach them.

Because of this, We offer a structured program with the name of Learn Quran for kids.

Learn Quran for kids

All Muslim parents have a serious duty to make the Quran known to their kids. The teachings of the Holy Quran are the most essential teachings your children need. Hundreds of Quran tutors are available to teach kids. Teaching the Quran to your children is vital. Parents can teach the Book of Allah to their kids in different ways, but we will discuss modern methods of learning.

If kids learn via the Internet, they can enjoy many benefits, such as

  • Get a chance to learn quran for kids  from the best online Quran tutors who know how to teach the Quran to children.
  • The computer is easy to use and young kids can also learn the Quran without any problem. If they do not know, parents can direct them.
  • The safety of children is very significant. Parents are satisfied because their kids are learning at home. They can monitor them to see how they are learning. Parents can also check the progress of their children.

Some online Quran tutors take tests at the end of each lesson.They also assign students homework so they can learn in a much better way.

The best method to learn Quran for kids

Internet is the best method to learn Quran for kids in the form of live Quran courses. There are online Quran classes that children can study, for example

Noorani Qaida

Learning is not possible without fundamental lessons and for beginners. The first step towards to learn Quran for children is to learn Noorani Qaida. At the start, kids must learn to pronounce words correctly. They, consequently, need a Noorani Qaida class in which they will study the basic alphabets of the Quranic words.

Learn Quran Tajweed

Students can have better learning in the event that they progress step by step. After learning Noorani Qaida, when students finish joining and forming words, it’s time to learn Quran Tajweed.
Kids must learn to recite Quranic words and verses with perfect pronunciation.

With the help of an expert Quran teacher, kids can understand how to use the tongue and mouth in a particular way. By using the tongue and mouth in a particular make sounds and bring beauty to the recitation. Qualified Quran tutors have the teaching skills to help kids understand the rules of Tajweed.

Quran Memorization(Hifz)

If you want your child to become a Quran Memorizer (Hafiz), you can choose a course of Quran memorization online. Before parents choose this advanced course, they must determine whether their youngster can do it or not.

The memorization of the Quran has many advantages. If you see that our kid is interested in memorizing, you should find him a teacher. There are numerous reliable Hafiz e Quran teachers available online. So pick one carefully.

Learn Arabic

Some parents want their kids to learn Arabic so they can easily understand the Quran and the hadiths. Arabic lessons are significant courses, but you need a certified tutor to understand the meaning of the Quran.

These days, learning Arabic online has become very popular. An ever increasing number of students are enrolling in this course.

These are some of the significant courses that kids can study. It’s really hard to find a good tutor. In some parts of the world, it is in reality exceptionally hard to use the best teachers. Luckily, thanks to the Internet, now it is very easy to learn quran for kids from the best Quran tutors in the world.

Many online Quran Academies offer online Quran learning courses to students. They offer these Quran courses through online classes. Kids from all over the world can take an online Quran class with them. Online Quran courses are similar to private lessons, but students can take classes according to their preferences.

Tips for teaching Kids

The Quran is an honoured book and in addition to listening and reading, the kids additionally memorize it. It isn’t essential for kids to be overwhelmed by too much detail.Apprenticeship ought to be founded on their age.

The teacher’s task is to capture the consideration and interest of the students because they are young and need their complete attention.The presentation style of the tutor must be adapted to the age of the students.

Teachers can do numerous things to build up an interest in kids. There are also many stories in Holy Quran. Teachers can share these beautiful Quran stories with kids. Kids always have an interest in listening to stories and their lessons in Islamic studies must, in this manner, be in the form of stories.Kids can learn from these stories because every story is accompanied by a lesson. This will expand their interest and have a better understanding.

Purpose of Teaching the Quran

Teachers must be able to easily teach and support kids. Kids always need to be encouraged and motivated. It’s not a good thing to force them to do a lot at once. This can lead to a loss of interest in their Quran lessons. Try not to put an excessive amount of weight on them.

The most significant thing is to get the children’s attention. There are numerous kids who do not want to study and as a result, they start to lose interest very quickly. The obligation of teachers is very serious. Dealing with kids is not easy. Many parents do not want to send their kids to a madrassa or Islamic Center because there is a culture of punishment in this country.

Parents want adoring teachers and want to avoid punishment. The environment of madrassas is strict and Disciplined. This kind of environment causes resentment towards the Quran. If teachers punish kids, it can scare them.

The purpose of the teaching the Holy Quran is to make the Quran love children. The more they love the Quran, the more they will be connected to Allah. It is the obligation of parents and teachers to encourage, to learn the Quran for kids.

They must tell the kids that they are proud of them when they give a good answer. If they do not learn their Quran lessons, teachers should not give them the wrong answer. Kids are discouraged if teachers embarrass them. Thus, they do not behave negatively. This is a preoccupation of Madrasa teaching where Quran tutors are not well educated and humiliate students in front of the whole class.

The good age of kids to start learning the Quran

Usually, kids start learning at the age of 3. At this age, kids can memorize numerous things. So, if we teach them the Quran, they can easily learn it. From 4 to 6 years old is a good age to start learning Quran for kids, but there is no absolute rule for age.

Because every child is different, there is no specific age limit to learn Quran for kids. It totally depends on the capacities and interests of the kids. Some kids learn so fast that they can easily finish the course, but some may take longer.

The teacher and parents need to comprehend that each child has their own learning pace. It is not correct to compare one child with others. Parents and tutors should always appreciate kids and let them learn at their own pace. The learning process should be basic and interesting for them.

Many parents want their child to become a Quran Memorizer (Hafiz e Quran). If you are also interested in the online Quran memorization course for your child, please do it only for the sake of Allah.

Connect with Religion

Giving a kid Quranic and Islamic education is as important or more significant than providing formal education. This is the best way to assist them become good Muslims. You should provide them with readily available Quran courses. So that they can spend their life with Islam from a very young age.

The good Quran teacher who teaches the right Quran course can educate a child with good knowledge of Islam. Many parents say they can teach their kids themselves. However they have to realize that their parents or grandparents might not have 100% accurate information.

It is in this manner conceivable that kids lead their lives with inaccurate beliefs and knowledge. This is something that isn’t right. So there should be a teacher who has an intensive information on Islam and the Quran. This allows the kids to become familiar with their Holy Book and with the teachings of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

In e-learning, it is important to have appropriately prepared teachers. It is important to hire teachers from reliable resources.

Children from western countries go to non-Islamic or secular schools. They, in this manner, have no contact with Islam through their formal education. In order to make the Quran part of their lives, taking Quran lessons after school is significant.

If they consistently attend Quran lessons, they will keep the religion near their heart. Islamic studies and the Holy Quran are the only sources for keeping Islam in mind. There are Online Quran classes available on weekdays and weekends. Parents can choose the online Quran course, that will suit their kids.

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