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    Learn Quran Online with Tajweed-
    Online Quran classes for Kids & Adults

    We give online Islamic Education for people of all ages, both boys and girls, everywhere in the world. We want to make learning the Quran easy, fun, and affordable prices. The Quran makes Muslims happy. It’s like a friend that comforts our hearts.We have special ways to teach the Quran online, so anyone can learn how to read it correctly. You can learn from your home, and our friendly teachers will make the lessons exciting for you and your kids.

    We want to make sure our classes fit into your busy day, so you can pick the time that works best for you. To start, you can try three classes for free. After that, you can choose what you want to learn and sign up for more classes.


    Noorani Qaida with Tajweed

    This class helps you learn how to say Quran words right from the start. It’s easy, so everyone can learn, kids and grown-ups. You’ll learn how to say each sound in the Quran so you can read it by yourself. It’s fun like a game, and you’ll learn quickly.

    Reading Quran with Tajweed

    Our classes helps you read the Quran the way it’s meant to be read. You’ll learn how to make your voice go up and down in the right places. It’s for all people, big or little, and we go slow so you can follow along. You’ll sound really good when you read.

    Advance Tajweed Course

    If you already know how to read the Quran and want to get even better, this class is perfect. You’ll learn small details that make a big difference. We’ll practice a lot, and you’ll be able to read like teachers do. It’s a bit harder, but very exciting.

    Quran Memorization Online

    Remember the words of the Quran with our online class. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or older; you can learn to keep the Quran in your memory. Our teachers show you easy ways to remember, and you can learn anytime you want on the computer.

    Learn Quran With Translation

    Know the stories in the Quran with our class. We teach you what the Arabic words mean in our language. It’s for kids and adults. You’ll learn about the people and places in the Quran and what we can learn from them. It’s interesting and makes you think.

    Quran With Tafseer

    Learn the deep meanings behind the Quran’s words. We explain everything so it’s easy to understand. You’ll learn why the Quran says certain things and what it means for us today. If you like to ask why and how, you’ll enjoy this class.

    Arabic Language

    Learn to speak Arabic, the language of the Quran. Our class starts with easy words and gets you talking fast. It’s fun, with games and stories, and you don’t need to know anything before you start. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can speak a new language.

    Islamic studies online

    Find out about Islam with our easy online class. You can join any time that’s good for you. We talk about what Muslims believe and do. It’s for everyone who wants to know more, and you’ll learn lots about being kind and good to others.

    Islamic Studies For Kids & Adults

    We cover all aspects of Islamic teaching in our course curriculum.

    Foundations of Faith (Aqidah)

    Life of the Prophet Muhammad (Seerah)

    Islamic Manners and Ethics (Akhlaq)

    Supplications / Duas


    Prayer Practices

    How it Works?


    Teacher calls student at the scheduled time.


    Student accepts the call , either audio or video, then one to one session starts.


    Our team of supervisors supervise the class to ensure quality. Parents can also supervise the classes live.


    The classes are recorded as well for later playback.

    Why Learn Quran Online with US 

    Expert Guidance, Flexibility, and Convenience!

    Free Trial Classes

    Try free classes at our online Quran academy, offering comprehensive Quran and Tajweed learning with top tutors from your home..

    Male/Female Quran Tutors

    Try our online Quran classes, specially designed by our female teachers, to provide a safe and supportive learning experience for female students.

    One-to-One Quran Classes

    Our online Quran academy in the USA provides personalized, one-to-one classes with top tutors to improve your Quran reading and recitation..

    No Language Barrier

    Our Quran academy offers online classes with skilled tutors, ensuring easy learning of Quran and Tajweed, no matter your language background.

    24/7 Flexible Time Schedule

    Our online Quran academy offers 24/7 flexible scheduling for worldwide students, making Quran classes, Tajweed courses, and reading sessions accessible and convenient.

    Record and Playback

    Improve your Quran learning at our online academy with the record and playback feature, allowing you to revisit classes and learn at your own pace.

    What our students say?

    I’m really happy with how much my kids have learned with Online Quran Learnings. In less than a month, they’ve learned two prayers and are getting better at understanding and reading Arabic. I like the Chat Viser app because it helps my kids practice during the week when they don’t have classes. The teachers are great, kind, and always on time. They always check in a bit early to make sure the kids are ready for class. Once my youngest is old enough, I plan to sign him up too. I would definitely recommend Online Quran Learnings to other students.

    Fatoumata, Student of U.S.A

    How to Start.

    Start Your Journey Today with Online Quran Learnings!

    Register your free trial class now to Learn Quran Online from our experienced online Quran tutors. We offer three days free evaluation classes.

    Schedule time for class

    After registration, We will contact you within next 24 hours to confirm your availability with flexible time by you, for evaluation classes.

    Take your first class

    We’ll provide you with all the details for the class, and all you need to do is log in when it’s time for your scheduled lesson.

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