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    We are Providing Online Quran Tutors.The best online Quran academy to Learn Quran with Tajweed and Tarteel. Online Quran Learnings is a well-known, reliable, and registered online Quran teaching institution that offers Learn Quran with Tajweed with experienced & qualified Quran tutors. Now you get Quran teaching, Arabic language and Islamic education classes from your home. We offer cost-effective online Quran reading classes for kids, adults and people of all ages.

    Our students of any age are learning the Quran online with our reliable online Quran teaching system. You can modify your timings, days, and online Quran tutor according to your requirements. Now you can start learning Quran online without disturbing your business commitments or busy job schedules. Skype Quran classes is the easiest way to learn Quran with Tajweed by sitting at your house without going anywhere.

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    Learn Noorani Qaida Online

    Learn Noorani Qaida online for kids, adults, women and people of all ages. Noorani Qaida is a basic course to learn tajweed online. Tajweed learn is simple by learning Norani Qaida. This course aims at enabling the students to learn to read Quran fluently and be self-sufficient in reading the Holy Quran. Norani Qaida is the very basic course for beginners who can be kids and adults as well. This course is basically consist of the rules of Tajweed. The fundamental objective of this course is to make the beginners able to read the Quran after the completion of this course. Our teachers use this course for for basic Quran learning. After the successful completion of this course, our students can get ready to read the Quran with the right Arabic inflection. Learn More

    Learn Quran With Tajweed

    Reading the Holy Quran with appropriate Tajweed is necessary for each Muslim. We provide online Quran learning that teach how to read the Quran with proper Tajweed. Tajweed is to give each letter it’s privilege and pronounce it from the right place in the mouth/nose/throat. The word itself signifies “to make better”. This course is designed to educate Tajweed rules from a theoretical and practical perspective. The student will take in the essential principles of Tajweed Quran online and apply it while reading the Quran under the mentorship of Best Online Quran tutor. At the point when the Quran tutor gets your dimension of recitation, he will propose you the course, and you can start learning Quran Online at your available time. Learn More

    Online Quran Memorization

    We provide online Quran tutoring services especially the memorization of the Holy Quran. We introduce a very simple methodology to memorize the Holy Quran. Any student can memorize the Quran online partially or in full with our dedicated tutor. Quran Memorization focuses on completing the memorization of the Holy Quran in the most limited time with high accuracy and precision. Children and adults can memorize Quran with our professional and expert male and female Quran tutors. Our Quran tutors are very good at dealing with the students to memorize the Quran. They provide Quran memorization techniques and methods to their students. We provide truly comfortable and perfect Quran study system to you and your children. Learn More

    Other Online Quran Courses

    We offer other online Quran courses to read the Quran better, Learn Arabic for learning the Quran and advance rules of Tajweed to better understand how to recite Quran. Other Courses also includes Islamic studies and Islamic Supplications and Quran translation. Islamic Studies is the very basic for kids to understand the Islamic values and history of Islam. This courses is very helpful to better understand the origin of Islam. Islamic supplications includes to learn the daily supplications that Muslims use in daily life and seek the blessings of Allah. Other part of this courses includes learn complete Namaz and six kalimas and teach you how to offer Namaz.  Sisters, kids and Daughters can learn Quran online from online female Quran tutors at the ease of their time. Learn More

    Who can take Online Quran Lessons?

    Online Quran Learnings is an international, Online Quran Tutoring institute providing online Quran classes to learn quran for kids & adults.We offer Quran classes for kids and adults. Although our Quran teaching services is focused towards kids but we also provide Quran classes online for adults and beginners for both Male’s and Female’s. We take it as our responsibility to teach Quran online with proper Tajweed rules and teach you how to recite the Quran.

    Our online Quran lessons are designed for students of any age having very basic knowledge of computer. Children of age 6 or less may have a tough time at start of classes due to lack of focus.

    For these kids and youngsters, we recommend one of the parents sit with them during the online Quran class.

    Our both Male and Female Online Quran tutors have taught hundreds of children and know how to manage young kids. With in few days your youngsters can manage the online Quran classes them selves.

    Note that Quran for beginners (children of age 4 or less) can be some what challenging. For them it is better that parents also teach them selves. See our blog on some of the distractions to avoid. We also provide free online Quran classes for deserving students.

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    Register your free trial class now to Learn Quran Online from our experienced online Quran tutors. We offer three days free evaluation classes.

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    After registration, We will contact you within next 24 hours to confirm your availability with flexible time by you, for evaluation classes.

    Start your Class to Learn Quran Online

    Once you make sure your schedule, Our Online Quran Tutor calls you on skype for Online Quran Class at the time make sure by you. If you don’t have any skype account, let us know. We create your skype account for Online Quran Class.

    quran onlineHow to start learning the Quran online with Online Quran Tutors


    Our experienced online Quran tutor call the student at class time on skype.


    Student receive the teachers call either audio or video and start its class to learn Quran Online. On receiving the call teacher share its screen with student.


    Teacher share its screen and teach the student with the help of digital book. All course material is provided by teacher.


    Student will receive its recorded class link to download the video after its class ends. Student can use this video whenever he want to repeat the lesson.

    Holy QuranWhy us to learn Quran online?

    Free Trial Classes

    We offer free trial classes to Learn Quran Online with Tajweed. These trial classes are the evaluation classes for both teacher and student. Our online Quran Tutor evaluates and generate report of student that which course is best appropriate for it. Student evaluates the teacher and academy, and be the part of our academy as a permanent student.

    One to One Quran Classes

    Our Online Quran Academy offer our students one to one Quran Classes. In one to one Quran Class, one teacher at a time teaches one student. So teacher pay full attention to a student. And making certain the higher learning surroundings for a student. It’s conjointly helpful for academy to examine the standard management of our Online Quran Classes, concerning our teachers and students.

    24/7 Flexible Time Schedule

    Our Online Quran Academy offer our students extremely flexible time scheduling. Student will schedule its class for Online Quran Class per its convenience. Online Quran Learnings uses such modern technologies like Skype to take Online Quran Classes that is easily available on computer as well as all other mobile devices like Android and iPhone.

    Female Quran Tutors

    At OnlineQuranLeanings, Online Quran  Classes are taken by both male and female Quran teachers. We provide Female Quran Tutor Classes for Sisters and Children, who feels comfortable to take class from female teachers. Female Quran tutors at are highly qualified and trained teachers that assist students to Learn Quran Online in comfortable environment.

    No Language Barrier

    At Online Quran Learnings, we have Online Quran Tutor who are fluent in English, Urdu & Arabic to communicate the students from different countries. As your successful learning is our first priority, we ensure that our Online Quran Tutors must be fluent in language. So the students can easily communicate, and understand their course.

    Record and Playback

    Online Quran Learnings provide its students a fully recorded session of every class. We use modern technologies that help our students to easily playback their Online Quran Class whenever they want. They use it when they repeat their lesson and find mistakes or hurdles while revising their lesson.