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Online Islamic School For Kids

    Online Quran classes for Kids

    Live Teachers. Fun Classes.

    Welcome to our Online Quran School for Kids, a place where your little ones can learn the Quran online in a fun and easy way. We offer online Quran classes that are interactive and exciting. Our online platform is designed for kids of all levels to learn the Quran from our expert teachers who bring classes to life.

    At our Kids’ Quran School, we make reading the Quran easy. We have classes for both new learners and those who know a lot. If you want to understand the Quran’s messages, we have special classes for that. And if you’re a good Quran teacher, you can join us and teach kids from many places.

    With live teachers and fun classes, our online Quran school is just the right place for your kids to enjoy and learn!.

    Islamic Studies For Kids & Adults

    Recitation Al-Quran

    Praying Daily Salat

    Importance of Sadaqah

    Importance of Duah

    Relationship with Relatives

    Ibadah in Holy Ramdan

    Allah is One & Unique

    History of Masjid Al-Aqsa

    Gifts Make Relation Strong

    How it Works?


    Teacher calls student at the scheduled time. The student accepts the call to start the class.


    Student accepts the call , either audio or video, then one to one session starts.


    Our team of supervisors supervise the class to ensure quality. Parents can also supervise the classes live.


    The classes are recorded as well for later playback.

    Benefits of Learn Quran Online with US

    Expert Guidance, Flexibility, and Convenience!

    Free Trial Classes

    Try free classes at our online Quran academy, offering comprehensive Quran and Tajweed learning with top tutors from your home..

    Male/Female Quran Tutors

    Try our online Quran classes, specially designed by our female teachers, to provide a safe and supportive learning experience for female students.

    One-to-One Quran Classes

    Our online Quran academy in the USA provides personalized, one-to-one classes with top tutors to improve your Quran reading and recitation..

    No Language Barrier

    Our Quran academy offers online classes with skilled tutors, ensuring easy learning of Quran and Tajweed, no matter your language background.

    24/7 Flexible Time Schedule

    Our online Quran academy offers 24/7 flexible scheduling for worldwide students, making Quran classes, Tajweed courses, and reading sessions accessible and convenient.

    Record and Playback

    Improve your Quran learning at our online academy with the record and playback feature, allowing you to revisit classes and learn at your own pace.

    Learn Quran Online with Tajweed

    Learn Quran Online with Tajweed

    Fun & Engaging  Quran Classes for Kids

    How to Start ?

    Start Your Journey Today with Online Quran Learnings!

    Register your free trial class now to Learn Quran Online from our experienced online Quran tutors. We offer three days free evaluation classes.

    Schedule time for class

    After successful registration,we will contact you to schedule your class at your desired time.

    Take your first class

    We’ll give you instructions about the class and you just have to login at the scheduled time to take class.

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