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📖 Learning Quran Online |  Making It Easier for Everyone

📖 Learning Quran Online | Making It Easier for Everyone

🌐 Embracing Faith Online: The Growing Trend of Quran LearningThe internet has changed many parts of our lives, including how we learn about our faith. A new trend is learning Quran online 📚, which is becoming very popular and helping many people around the world...
Ramadan and Fasting

Ramadan and Fasting

Fasting during the ninth lunar month of Ramadan is one of the best-known of the prescribed practices in Islam and the forth pillar of Islam. The Arabic term for ‘fasting’ is sawm. The practice is outwardly reflected in an abstention from food or drink between the...
📚 Understanding the Concept of Sin During Ramadan: Insights for Online Quran Academy Students 🎓

What is Namaz?

The relationship between faith and rituals is a paradox. To the outsider, ritual is the most obvious sign of the character of a religion and the identity of its believers. Yet ritual can never capture faith, for faith transcends form and imagery. In Islam the most...
What is Hajj?

What is Hajj?

The Hajj to Mecca and its surrounding areas is the annual ritual lasting up to seven days. It takes place in the first half of the last month of Islamic year, known as Dhu’l Hijja. On the seventh day of the month, pilgrims in a state of ritual purity (ihram) make a...
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