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International Online Quran Teaching Institute

We are an online Quran reading institute that provide quality education of various Quran courses to the msulims around the globe. We are pleased to offer one of the finest online Quran Academy for Quranic education to the Muslims who have no other way to learn the Holy Book of Allah.

All our students take online Quran courses; under the supervision of expert Quran tutors who have the best teaching and educating style. They are competent and know the correct pronunciation, and very well familiar with Tajweed rules.

We started our online Quran academy in 2010 and until now we have been teaching Quran to the Muslims around the world online. Online Quran Learnings is one of the leading Islamic Institution for those who are keen to learn Holy Quran and all of its sciences.

We have qualified Quran tutors that teaches Quran from beginning to advance. Our teachers teach Quran with Tajweed, Noorani Qaida, Islamic studies and advance Quran course Quran Memorization. They teach these courses by using modern technologies.

We teach all of our courses by using modern communication tools like Skype, Zoom etc. We put forth a valiant effort to offer you the best learning environment. Our Quran teachers are able to teach students living in different countries of the world including United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, France, Germany, Italy, London, Qatar, and Western countries.

Our online Quran tutors for Online Quran Reading

We provide online Quran reading classes and considered to be the most trusted online Quran teaching institute for Quranic studies. Our online Quran teaching is the form of online learning and we offer a variety of premium Quran courses for Muslim students of all ages.

Online Quran Learnings has the team of competitive, qualified and experienced instructors. hey are certified by recognized institutes including International Islamic University (Pakistan), Al-Azhar Islamic Institute (Egypt) and other Islamic Institutes.

Our online quran tutors help children, adults and new Muslims from all over the world to learn the Holy Quran from home. Quran teachers includes, both men, and women, who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Quran tutor help students develop an interest in class and their Course. Our expert Quran teachers help students improve their knowledge of the Quran, which will certainly help them to excel in life and beyond.

Each Quran teacher is experienced in tutoring in our online Quran class and helps Muslims around the world understand Quranic lessons through chat, screen, and file sharing.

Find an expert online Quran Tutor

Finding an expert Online Quran tutor is not harder now. Our online Quran Academy is here to help you provide clear advice and support.We have handpicked educators and we have picked them for their huge learning and broad instructing background.

Regardless of whether it’s Noorani Qaida, Hifz (Quran ), Quran Tajweed classes or Tafseer Classes, you need an advice and we are here to help you. Our team is well trained to teach and are the ideal partner to help you with your Quranic studies.

The Holy Quran is not so easy to understand. Reading the Quran requires keeping some significant guidelines. Our Quran tutors teach these important rules so that students can remember and apply Quran reading.

 It’s not possible for anyone to comprehend these fundamental principles of reading the Quran without a Quran teacher, so everybody goes to the tutor.

Learning Quran can be difficult if you do not have the right Quran Teachers. Regardless of whether you have to learn Quran recitation or Quran Memorization, our online Quran tutors are here to help you for online Quran reading. Since we are an online Quran tutoring center, we have the best Quran tutors and you can choose your Quran learning.

Online Quran Tutoring at the International level

Our Academy provides world-class online Quran Reading classes using the latest technologies. We bolster students from around the world with the team of online Quran tutors available for students living everywhere throughout the world.

In our Quran teaching Academy, we cover different places in the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and so on. In the event that you live in Western countries and are searching for Islamic education on the web, we would be better for you.

Everybody would now be able to take online Quran reading classes at home. There is no issue if you can not go to the mosque or Islamic center because of Job or Business commitments. Our online Quran Education Center will help you learn at home.

Reasonable expenses

We offer various plans/programs of Qur’anic study and charges for each study plan change according to your needs. Some plans are present at Schedule/Fee Page. Students can choose their study plan by completing the form at the end of the site in footer as well as via contact us page. Study Fees vary depending on the location of the student.

Our Online Quran tutoring offers the following benefits

Hassle-free: Students who want to learn enjoy hassle-free Quran sessions with us. They do not need to travel or go anywhere.

Tailored: Students can easily get education from instructors who can meet their needs at the desired level.

Professional: Online Quran Learnings only has qualified, experienced and trained tutors. This is on the grounds that we are passionate about spreading Quran education far and wide.

Students do not need to stress over Quranic education because of distance. Despite distance issues, students may feel enthusiastic when we offer them comfortable online environment. Parents/ Guardians can also choose us for their youngsters to learn the Quran online at home because we claim to be a very reasonable and satisfying place for them.

Our courses are truly significant for students around the world. We at online Quran Learnings offers a wide range of Quran education programs at the international level with flexibility of time in every Quran course. Give us a chance to give you the opportunity to shape your life as indicated by Islam.

Online Quran Education for children and adults

Our online Quran education programs are for both children and adults. Our teachers have good practice in managing children in an online teaching environment.

We organize special classes for youngsters and also provide them with separate lectures. Online Quranic education for children is of the best quality because we offer special training to our Quran tutors to help them and improve their performance.

Our Quran teaching technique helps students learn more effectively. Our goal is to be the source of childhood Quranic learning on the Internet.

We are Quran teachers and welcome students from all over the world. We all believe that every kid is different. The speed of learning also varies from one child to another. We, therefore, believe that every kid deserves a quality and personalized education.

Student Motivation at Online Quran Learnings

The Islamic and Quranic training of your kid is one of your principal concerns. It is our concern too. Without appropriate teaching, viable learning cannot happen. Our online sessions for Quran learning allow students to learn about the safety of their homes.

We let the guardians get involved in their education.Parents can see their kids take online Quran class in front of them. It is very important that children must have access to the Internet during their class.

So our teachers keep on spurring them to expand their degree of intrigue. Your youngster can now learn Islam and Quran in a new and modern way. Much the same as the online courses for kids, we also offer Quran courses for adults.

Many people have great responsibilities of their families, business or Job. This means they have a lot less and a shorter schedule to lecture on Quran sessions online. It is difficult for them to go to a course while having family responsibilities and work. We respect the professionals who work.

What can we offer you?

Our Online Quran Academy offers schedule flexibility to enable mature students to learn Quran while allowing them to work and care for their families. We structured the courses, particularly for busy people.

People can now attend their online Quran classes according to their own schedule, regardless of the Business or Job duties they have. Students can finish their Quran courses at their very own pace, regardless of whether they are quickened or slow down, regardless of what suits them.

Students can study at times that suit them and finish their online Quran course. If you are extremely busy with your Job or Business and need to slow down your Quran learning considerably. After the peak period, you can accelerate your pace again.

By providing all the learning facilities we offer a perfect decision for busy adults. That is the reason a 60-year-old student is also joining us for Quranic education.

Benefits of our Online Quran Academy

Affordability: When looking for the right online Quran teaching institute to continue Quranic education, students look at an important factor of affordability. We offer high quality Quran learning at a reasonable price. Our fee is obviously very attractive to all students.

Our goal is to provide valuable Quranic education at reasonable fee so that every Muslim in the world can enjoy this opportunity to learn Quran with us. We are positioned as the most affordable online teaching institute for the Quran and Islamic studies.

We welcome Muslims from everywhere throughout the world to join our Quran teaching Center, as we are here to give our students an excellent starting point.

Our Approach/ Methodology: Our Online Quran Academy is committed to fully supporting home-based learning. Students are eligible to complete a variety of Quran courses with flexible time schedules and Quran tutors. Students do not have to be in an Islamic Mosque to take classes.

Our e-learning model allows students to continue their daily activities and responsibilities while learning Quran online with us. In Online Quran Learnings, Our approach is to feed our youth as they will be the Muslim nation of tomorrow.

We provide a reliable, technology-based learning environment to help learners to accomplish their religious goals. We work with our team to improve our services. Our intelligent web based learning environment is for all Muslims around the globe.

We utilize the latest version of the software, such as Skype, which supports video streaming, screen sharing, and audio communication. Our methodology includes:

  • Time flexibility to adapt to your busy life.
  • Live Quran lessons, no CD/DVD or pre-recorded courses.
  • Engaging online Quran teaching environment.

Free trial classes help you choose us.

Free Evaluation Classes

You can take the online Quran reading for free as an evaluation classes. In our online Quran Academy, you can attend online Quran Reading / Qaida evaluation classes for 3 days. To attend your free evaluation classes, please contact us. We offer these evaluation classes at the request of new students.

During your free evaluation classes, you will experience an introductory lesson and discover the Quran course. Evaluation classes are open to all levels of classes, so come enjoy the best Quran learning experience. Do not just rely on our words, come and experience it at our online Quran Academy and we will prove it to you.

What separates us from others?

Our Quran Academy is unique because of the services we offer. Our Quran tutors are qualified, they speak several languages ​​and teach students from all over the globe. They are the best solution to remove the language barrier because they can impart in Arabic, English, and Urdu effortlessly.

We have structured our Quran teaching programs to be interactive and appealing to the extent that they are active. Learning and implementing the Quran are not the same things. We not only teach the Quran, but we also give you the opportunity to implement it in life, what you have learned from lessons.

We offer private lessons in which a teacher gives a Quran lesson to a student. Our Quran tutor ensure that all students are attentive to better learning.

How do we teach the Quran?

Our online Quran Academy gives you the freedom to learn from anywhere and for that, you need a PC, a tablet or mobile device. We facilitated Quran learning for all students so they can learn Quran from anywhere, anytime. We have female Quran tutors for sisters and daughters.

If you need an online female Quran tutor for your children, you can also learn Quran from them. If older students also want to learn Quran from us, we welcome them. Our highly qualified Quran tutors can also effectively teach slow learners.

Teacher’s facilities at Online Quran Learnings

We are glad to have male and female Quran tutors from Aalim, Qari and Hafiz-e-Quran. We are a group of devoted Quran tutors who are committed to giving quality education to our Muslim brothers, sisters and daughters around the globe.

Please contact us for online Quran classes by e-mail or phone to start your free trial with us. Our response time is 24/7 so you can contact us at any time. We will assist you with starting your free trial. There is no registration process and no admission fee for trial classes. You should contact us to follow your Quran course.

Why online Quran lessons?

You must have read the verses of Quran on education. The Holy Qur’an focuses on education and knowledge of the Book of Allah(S.W.T) is the most significant learning of this world. In the modern world, people are very busy in their jobs or Business commitments and parents are also struggling to get a quality education for their youngsters.

But we are here to give them with practical online Quran classes. We believe this education is very significant for all of us to succeed in this world and hereafter.

Our central goal is to spread the light of the Quran in all areas of the world and we have committed our lives to this noble cause and we invite you to our online Quran Academy.

The search for education is very significant in Islam and there are numerous hadiths and verses of the Quran on education. The obtaining of the learning of the Holy Quran is vital for each Muslim man or Women. It additionally gives us delight. So join our online Quran Academy since we are the best Quran Academy for online learning among others.

Safe learning environment

Our Quran Academy offers to learn at home so that students, especially kids, and girls, learn in a safe atmosphere. Students including kids learn in front of their parents and women and girls learned by female Quran tutors.

This installation allows students to continue learning Quran online with peace of mind. The students are happy with the Quran teachers and do not hesitate to learn Quran with them. We give the best learning environment for each student to learn Quran with interest and passion.

We are not just dedicated to giving Quranic education to kids, but also to improving the knowledge of Muslims around the globe.

Who can join our Online Quran Academy?

Any Muslim who has internet and a PC or Smart Phone (like Android/iphone) can learn with us. Screen sharing and audio communication make learning similar to traditional Quran learning.

We are accessible to all Muslims to assist them with learning the Quran as they should. Our classes are available to all Muslims, regardless of their sect, race, gender, religion or country.

We are accessible for the individuals who need to become familiar with the Quran as well as Islam. To this end, we have also hired qualified online Islamic tutors to teach Islamic studies.

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