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Online Quran Academy FAQs

Online Quran Academy general faqs

Fee & Payment Faqs

What is Online Quran Learnings?

Online Quran Learnings is an online Quran Academy that provides the knowledge of Quran to the Muslims around the globe.

We provide Online Quran Education by using modern technologies, to the students. Our modern infrastructure to teach students Quran online helps you to Learn Quran from anywhere and any time around the globe.

Who are the courses designed for ?

All the Online Quran Courses in our Online Quran Academy are for both Male and Female, kids, adults and persons of all ages.

Our courses are for everyone of any age who want to Learn Quran Online with Tajweed.

Do you teach students with CD/DVD or with recorded lectures?

No, We do not teach students with recorded classes. We teach students with one to one live session.

Any age restriction to Learn Quran online?

No, people of any age can Learn Quran Online.

Some of them are fast learners and some of them are slow learners, it depends on the capability of every student. 

How many students can take class at a time with teacher?

At Online Quran Learnings, every session is one to one with teacher. So at a time only one student can take class with tutor.

How do I get registration for any course?

First select the Course that you want to learn from our Courses page. Than click the Register Now button. A form will open, fill the opened form and submit it.

Our agent will contact you in next 24 hours to confirm your registration for free trial classes. If you are satisfied after trial classes than you can register your self as a regular student.

Where do i get my course material?

Every course material, either book or any online web link will share by teacher. Teacher at our online Quran Academy will share the digital book to the student.

What is needed to get ready for the class?

To take an Online Quran Class you need a Desktop /Laptop or Mobile Phone, Internet and a headphones with mic.

You also need a skype account to take an Online Quran Class. If you do not have any skype account, let us know. We will create skype account, for you to take your classes.

You can install skype in your Desktop/Laptop or Mobile Phone. Internet is required for online call. Teacher call you on skype and  start its class. headphones with mic are important to listen what teacher said, as you are learning a new thing and never read it before.

What is the duration of each class?

Each class duration is 30 mins. 10 mins before class, We send message or call a student to get ready for class.

Does each class or student get one to one session?

Yes, Each student get one to one session during the class. During each session, a teacher teaches, Quran or other courses, only one student at a time.

How many classes a student took in a week?

A student take 2 to 5 classes in a week. It’s on package you choose. You can check our packages at schedule & fee page.

What payment system you use to receive your payments?

We receive payments through multiple platforms. A student can pay its fee through Payoneer, Debit or Credit card or Bank transfer. A student can also send its fee to us by Western Union money transfer.

Why I receive fee reminder, even i had already pay my fee?

As we send fee reminder to all at once. If you have already pay your fee and still receive the fee reminder message, please ignore this reminder.

Is it compulsory to add my name and email during my payments?

Yes, It is important to maintain the record either you paid your or not. It is also important if a student want us to refund his fee.

I am unable to pay through online Payments?

If you are unable to pay your fee through online payments. Contact us for an alternate method to pay your fee at

What if I can not pay fee at time?

We send monthly fee reminder mail to every student. A student do not pay fee because of many reasons:
Did not get fee reminder email
Unable to pay fee through online payment system
If student face above mentioned reasons. Contact us immediately, so we solve their problem.

But if a student is unable to pay his fee due to financial reasons, He/She can pay its fee in installments.

Technical Faqs

Do i get any technical support if i faced any problem during my class?

Yes, We will provide you full technical support if you face any technical problem during your class.

What are the basic system requirements in my computer to take an online Quran Class?

For Laptop/Desktop, a student must have Skype installed in his system. Computer must have an internet connection. Headphones with mic are also compulsory to take class.

For Mobile/ Tablet, install skype application in your device. This device must have an internet connection. Headphones with mic are also compulsory to take class.

No one can hear my voice?

Follow the steps

1- Test your audio device either it is connected with your system or not.

2- Make sure your headphones or mic is working properly.

3- Make sure you are not muted your call.

Can i use my smartphone or tab to take my Online Quran Class?

Yes, you can take your class through you mobile phone or tab.

Follow the instructions

1- Install application in your device.

2- Connect your device with internet.

3- Attach headphones with your device and take you class.

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